Welcome to the Website of Equus Silvania!

Our horse riding facility and guesthouse is located in the village of Sinca Noua, which lies right in the foothills of the Transylvanian Carpathians, some 50 km west of Brasov. Equus Silvania combines western standards and animal treatment with Romanian traditions, cuisine, and lifestyle. We offer our clients not only great horses, but also a fantastic landscape and good opportunities to experience the unique flora and fauna. Furthermore, we have made it our premise to provide to our visitors a healthy and clean environment.

Equus Silvania also takes responsibility and tries to implement sustainable development within the business. This includes the employment of staff from the village, the use of locally produced, organic food, and the inclusion of local attractions into the programme.

Our Team

Barbara Promberger-Fürpaß, wildlife biologist. She grew up with horses and is the technical leader of Equus Silvania. Still having a competitive mind, she became an enthusiastic endurance rider.

Christoph Promberger, wildlife biologist. Before he met Barbara, he had little connection to horses, but now is all for it. Responsible for the economic part and communication.

Monika Varnyu born in Szeged, Hungary, manager at Equus Silvania. She studied business and human resource management. She’s been riding since she was 5 years old. She did voltige, pony riding, later jumping, dressage and tasted the western riding style. She also had the chance to work with Portuguese geldings and stallions. Moni speaks Hungarian, French and English.

Zsofia Bartfai (Sophie) born in Budapest, Hungary, one of the managers at Equus Silvania. She has a degree in tourism and hospitality. Horse riding was part of her life since a very young age, introduced first to the Spanish riding style, after that she did mostly hacking in different parts of Hungary and also got a taste of the western style. Sophie speaks English, Hungarian and Spanish.

Elsa Poier born in Graz, Austria, has a certificate in Horse Management. She supports Equus Silvania during the autumn and winter period as a co-guide on the rides, gives lessons to beginners and helps taking care of our guests. She also helps in getting all our horses fit for the next season. Elsa speaks German, English and a bit of Italian.

Our local team consists of Mimi and Mariana, who cook for us, Violeta, who keeps everything clean, and Mihai, Ionut, and Ionel, who take care of our horses and all the other animals. The garden is doing well in Dorin’s hands and Ionel is the perfect handyman for whatever incurs on the yard.


Our environmental policy

Equus Silvania has the premise to act in a responsible way in all its activities with regards to environmental impact. We are always open to new ideas of how we can maintain the integrity of the natural environment around us.

Education and Information

Our visitors get a first-hand experience and extensive information about flora, fauna, and sustainable land-use systems. We have now 20 years of experience in conservation in Romania.

Energy and construction

During the construction of all our facilities, we have put great emphasis to use environmentally friendly materials. Wood has been our main construction material as it is a renewable resource, and we have abstained from wood preservers as much as possible. We use energy saving bulbs in all our buildings, heat exclusively with wood and have our guesthouse insulated with a thick layer of rock wool. Solar power provides warm water throughout most of the year. Though, as a tourism enterprise we are not able to fully avoid the consumption of fossil energy, we still choose sustainable alternatives wherever this is feasible from an ecological and an economic point of view. Detergents used in our guesthouse for example are 100% biodegradable. In addition, the avoidance of waste is our highest priority.


We use mainly locally produced food in our kitchen. People in Sinca Noua generally do not use pesticides or artificial fertilisers, and the livestock is still kept the old way, that is, outside on the pastures. Our own vegetable garden delivers fresh onions, salad, zucchini etc. Other food such as milk, potatoes, lamb, and veal is bought from the farmers in the neighbourhood. Pork, chicken, turkey, all cold cuts, and eggs are from our own production. We are getting particularly famous for our home-made hams, sausages, and bacons.

Route selection

When we select the routes for our excursions, we take great care about conservation concerns. We avoid sensitive areas such as wildlife day resting areas or seasonally important areas such as those created by red deer rut. We also take care to not cause soil erosion and stay outside of wetlands, where the hooves of the horses may cause damage. In summer, we of course respect the farmers' needs and stay on the cart tracks when we ride through hay meadows.


Conservation contribution

We ask all our visitors for a donation of 40 Euro per week for our foundation CONSERVATION CARPATHIA, which is creating a large wilderness area in the Southern Carpathians. Furthermore, we are personally involved in a number of conservation projects.


Animal keeping

Not only is Equus Silvania home to numerous horses, but also to a variety of other animals such as cats, dogs, chicken, ducks, geese, turkeys, rabbits, pigs, and a donkey. Even though we do keep some of these animals for food production, it is our strong concern to allow all our animals a proper life. Conditions for that are:

  • sufficient space to roam
  • social contacts with members of the same species
  • cosy and clean shelters for the night
  • sufficient supply with natural food
  • medical treatment

Our horses live in two groups in open stables with sand paddocks, that allow them to move freely and complies with their need for social interactions with members of the same species. In addition, they are regularly turned out on large pastures.